Good reasons for men to take up yoga

Today’s world of muti-tasking and working under pressure is creating stressful lives, particularly in men.  Relationships break down, illnesses develop and we’re in danger of our lives being over before we know it.

So what can we do about it?  Yoga is becoming recognised more as a means of transforming health, and men are slowly turning to it.  But some are resisting because of the myths surrounding this ancient practice.

I read about a guy originally from Florida who moved to London and began his yoga journey with Bikram yoga—practiced in a room at about 40 degrees C—through various other styles.  I like his site, ‘Hot Yoga Man‘ (named due to the kind of yoga he practices) because he has lots of inspiring posts, with interviews with blokes who have used yoga to transform their health.

He helps break down some barriers and provide good reasons for men to take an interest in yoga, even if they think they’re fit.


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