My new yoga shorts are so comfy!

Do you find it difficult to source yoga clothing for men?  I certainly do,  but I never give up the search.  Although it’s not available in shops in my locality, I’ve found a few good online outlets.

I’ve just received my latest pair of yoga shorts from a fashion company that’s eco-conscious in its business.  Now, I’m no model but these shorts live up to the description.

Made from Modal fabric, taken from the birch tree, they’re perfect for yoga, or even wearing casually.

4-rth Eco-Track yoga pant for men - Royal Blue  For a more flattering picture click here.

You might ask, “Why buy yoga shorts and not sports shorts?  What’s so different?”  Very good questions, and if sports shorts are what you like, go for it.  There’s nothing wrong with them at all.  As long as your clothing is loose and comfortable, that’s all that matters for practising yoga.

However, personally I find that the designers of yoga clothing have got something right in how they fit the body for this practise.  They embrace the body without restricting it and even make me feel slimmer!

So what am I wearing?  They’re from 4-rth and are in Royal blue.  A black waistband complements the design that fits snugly over underwear.  This flows into a stylish stripe down the legs.  The pockets provide somewhere for small wallets, keys or simply your hands while you’re waiting to register at class, and there’s a small inside pocket, too.

4-rth Eco-Track yoga pant for men - Royal Blue

For around the same price as a pair of sports shorts you’ll have something that makes you feel better in your practise. If you haven’t tried any yet, I highly recommend it.  So if you’re looking for a stylish pair of yoga shorts, check out 4-rth for a great range of yoga clothing.  New colours are coming soon (I’m told by the company owner), so keep an eye out for them.

I can’t wait for my next yoga session—I think now’s as good a time as any.



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