Still think yoga is just for stretching and relaxing?

Think again! Here I am after a strong Vinyasa yoga class this evening.  This is how I finish every week.

Roy with sweat-drenched clothes after a vinyasa yoga class

I know it’s summer, but this is seriously strong work. And when I got home about 40 minutes later I was still as hot and sweaty.

Roy's singlet still soaking after getting home from his vinyasa yoga class

So if you think that yoga is only for women, or to relax and stretch, think again—the relaxing and stretching is only a small part of it.  There are styles that enhance physique and stamina, and that will make you pour sweat like a tap.

You know you’re working hard when all the mental chatter disappears to the background.  You’re too busy observing how much sweat you’re pouring out to listen to it.

I encourage those of you who think of yoga as something hippy to try it.  You might just surprise yourself.


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