Why now is the best time

How many times I catch myself saying this. But what I keep reminding myself of, is that we make our choices based on the information we have at the time. And becoming fixed on wishing things were different because we know something new now, only wastes valuable time in the present.

It’s good to reflect to be able to learn of our own behaviours, and to be able to offer insight into the present, but we must use this reflection as a tool and not lament what could have been different. It doesn’t serve us.

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“If I only I knew then, what I know now.” “I wonder what would be different if…”

Don’t fall victim to phrases that hypnotize us into paralysis and victimhood.

If you didn’t plant your tree, if you didn’t make the decision, if you were too scared to make the commitment – make one now.

Take first step.

Trees do not grow over night, empire aren’t built in a day, but the decision to do so is – you can plant a seed almost instantly, with minimal resources.

What have you been putting off because your not ready?

Look fear in the face and ask yourself whats really the worst that will happen. Will you get a life sentence in prison? Will someone put a gun to your head? Of is it much smaller, like, “I wonder what my family will think….” or “I hate being rejected…”

Yes, you should have done…

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