How Do I Work Up To Advanced Yoga Poses?

How Do I Work Up To Advanced Yoga Poses?


If you’re working yourself towards advanced postures focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do.  It sounds obvious but how many of us do this?  It’s easy to think that we ‘should’ be able to achieve an advanced posture (or indeed any posture), but as with everything, it takes time and practice.  We couldn’t swim without splashing about and sinking, and so on.  There’s so much to learn along the way!

Embrace the transition as part of the experience and enjoy being able to manage part of the pose as part of your journey to the full posture.  It took me many weeks to master a free-standing Scorpion Pose  (Vrshikasana) through practice.  But I value the lessons in the need for a wall; the stumbling; learning to use the bhandas in core control, and more.

It’s OK that you can only go so far into a pose this time.  Next time you might be able to do a little bit more or just the same.  But gradually you’ll get there and might even be amazed with the transformation.  My Yoga Online sums it nicely on its Facebook page: ‘Forget about how you can’t, and focus on how you will…’


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