You wouldn’t wear jeans to the gym (or yoga) so why compromise on your underwear?

Clothing is something personal, and even more so is underwear.  But it’s important to choose the right clothing for the job.  You wouldn’t wear jeans for a workout at the gym (or at yoga).  But when it comes to underwear its importance is often overlooked because few people see it (though that has changed with the ever growing popularity of wearing pants below the elastic line to reveal the very garment that states ‘under where?’).

How many times do you have to readjust yourself throughout your exercise practice?  Or an unwanted wedgie forces you to discreetly pluck your boxers/jocks?

When it comes to comfort even under the most vigorous conditions, I believe I’ve found the world’s most comfortable underwear.  What is it?  There’s only one choice, Obviously.  What’s the secret?  Check out my video review for more.