Why dedicate a blog about yoga to men?

A common misconception about yoga amongst men is that it’s for women, particularly to stretch and relax.  This theory is backed up by yoga magazines with feminine colours and women posing on the front of each issue (sometimes ironically next to a headline for an article for men), found in the ‘Women’s Health/Interests’ section of newsagents.  Most men would glance past it (at best) as they head for the men’s interests.  That’s a shame because there’s a lot of interesting articles dedicated to men’s practice that doesn’t involve contortion of our, often, stiff bodies.

Because men’s bodies are different to women’s the concept of Yoga For All Men came about as I searched for more dedicated information, and stumbled across the occasional thing on the Internet and hidden articles in the yoga magazines mentioned above.

Yoga For All Men intends to disperse the myths, aiming to help break down the barriers to gain access to this profound activity, noted to complement existing exercise regimes and prevent injury.  Yoga is so powerful and we men should be more comfortable in embracing it.  If you’re still unsure visit our Benefits & Myths pages.

At Yoga For All Men you’ll find articles specifically for the male form.  Later, there’ll be videos to help men new to yoga to begin safely and properly.  Other videos will add value to those men already practising yoga.  And if there’s anything you’d like to see here, let us know.


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