Hi!  I’ve always had a passion for making videos and telling people’s stories.  I gained qualifications in Media Studies and Video Production and worked as a presenter, voice-over artist and video editor.  I will be sharing yoga by video on Yoga for All Men.  I’m a keen writer who has a hunger for knowledge.

I have practised yoga intermittently for several years, after becoming hooked in the late 1990s.  Having quickly got over being the only male in classes I persevered to continue improving my health and well-being.  Now there’s a stronger male presence in yoga classes but not enough reading material that men can find, unless their female partners buy yoga magazines, or they bravely buy the magazines themselves—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Today my practice consists of private practice at home, attending a early morning classes and I qualified as a Level 1 yoga teacher in 2015.

I set up Yoga for All Men because there isn’t much information available in existing material, and because there’s a perception that yoga is for women—current yoga magazines are found in the women’s interests section of newsagents and with female-orientated covers, supporting this concept.  So it’s time to disperse the myths.

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  1. Hi Roy,
    How have you been?. Long time since we talk but I feel the need to contact you with some news. During our appointments we did not talk just about teeth as we as humans are a whole amazing machine from head to toes and everything is interconnected in one way or another. You suggested me to give yoga another go (after my first bad experience years ago) and I promised I would. Well, guess what?…I did!. It has been so far in these first 2 months a fantastic journey!. I was lucky that could attend to classes almost every days of the week for this time and let me tell you that I feel much better and I am much more flexible and even have photos touching my head with my knees which I could have never imagine I would ever do (still bend the knees a bit but HEY! a big step forward for me haha!!!). I have to add that the “teachers” (they say they are not the teachers, “my body is my own teacher”) at Ten Toes are really great and motivate my to keep going and try to achieve and discover new things, challenge after challenge.
    As you mention in you blog, most of the time I am the only male in the class but sometimes there are 1 or 2 other guys, for sure this is a great activity for men as most of us would not imagine how (hard) challenging is yoga, may be more than the usual gym session lifting weights.
    To conclude, as you probably know, I’m not working at that clinic anymore and move to a another place not far from there but in spite that I just wanted to keep in touch and say THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!.
    Also thank you for keeping up with this blog, it is very good to have this support and also to show other friends the benefits of practising yoga.
    Pablo Regueiro, (the dentist).

    • Hi Pablo,

      You are most welcome. This is fantastic!. Thank you very much for giving an update on your yoga practice and I’m so glad that it’s working out. What a difference you’ve made to yourself. That’s an impressive improvement in your flexibility. Something else to bear in mind as you continue your practice: ‘Forget about how you can’t, and focus on how you will…’

      Great work, Pablo.

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