Be a man—and cry

Having just returned from a yoga retreat as the final chapter of my current yoga teacher training course, I am feeling a sense of renewed spirit.  It’s not especially surprising that this happens when you have no distractions of work, home, social activities, etc., and you’re there to concentrate on deepening your practice.  However, to

Vrshikasana (Scorpion Pose), mastered free-standing

This video shows Scorpion Pose (Vrshikasana), an advanced inversion practised in yoga. After several weeks of turning my world upside down I recently accomplished this pose free-standing. Of course, the full pose requires the feet to touch the head, but that’s the next challenge for me.

Walls make great props when practising yoga, especially inversions.

What’s your current challenge?

War veterans hail meditation as beneficial, cost-effective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

See on – Yoga and Meditation for All War veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are increasingly turning to alternative therapies in an effort to overcome the psychological scars left by conflict. Roy Filer‘s insight: This is great to see.  Yet some members of the medical profession still don’t believe it.  Meditation