The world needs more yoga—and it’s soon to be even more accessible

The world needs more yoga—and it’s soon to be even more accessible

At the weekend I became a backer of DoYouYoga‘s new initiative, MyYogaPro, a Kickstarter project to make yoga even more accessible for everyone.  You can tailor your practice, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner. 

I opted for the Kickstarter backing of the ‘Warrior’ pass—for life.  The life-time membership is only available during the fund-raising, which has now ended.  But you’re in luck because this offer has been extended for a few more days. 

So check out the Kickstarter video for more of what’s to come and make sure you’re part of the next big thing in world-wide yoga delivery.


Vrshikasana (Scorpion Pose), mastered free-standing

This video shows Scorpion Pose (Vrshikasana), an advanced inversion practised in yoga. After several weeks of turning my world upside down I recently accomplished this pose free-standing. Of course, the full pose requires the feet to touch the head, but that’s the next challenge for me.

Walls make great props when practising yoga, especially inversions.

What’s your current challenge?

What to do if your first yoga experience was so bad it put you off

During my latest dental appointment my dentist and I chatted about yoga and how he has some friends who practice.  He said he’d tried it once but the teacher was so forceful about him keeping up with his speed and routine, and was threatened with being sent away if he couldn’t keep up, that he


Dealing with Embarrassing Reactions

See on – Yoga and Meditation for All A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a guy in his 20s just discovering the magic of yoga. He faced roadblocks. Roy Filer‘s insight: In yoga all kinds of things rise up. Here’s how to deal with embarrassing reactions in your practice.  What’s


10 reasons why more guys should practice yoga

With these reasons by Robert Piper for Elephant Journal, who could argue the point of not practising yoga? If you’ve heard the old wives’ tales about yoga we suggest you read a few points about what yoga is and is not, to put you at ease. Advertisements


Still think yoga is just for stretching and relaxing?

Think again! Here I am after a strong Vinyasa yoga class this evening.  This is how I finish every week. I know it’s summer, but this is seriously strong work. And when I got home about 40 minutes later I was still as hot and sweaty. So if you think that yoga is only for